What Are The Benefits Of MMA Flooring?

What Are The Benefits Of MMA Flooring?

What are the benefits of MMA flooring?

  1. Fast curing
  2. Hardwearing
  3. Attractive design

Are you considering MMA flooring for your venue? Of the many flooring options for food and beverage venues, methyl methacrylate (MMA) flooring is more often than not a good choice. Because of how it is designed, MMA flooring is the top option for industries that need good chemical, slip, and wear-resistant floors. Other than that, the benefits of MMA flooring will prove how useful this type of flooring is.

Keep reading to learn more about why you should consider MMA flooring!

Fast Curing

Fast Curing

When applying flooring, the curing process always takes the longest time. Other urethane flooring options may take over 1-2 days including preparation time. Planning to change or apply different flooring will be considered this time, but what if your business can’t afford to stop operations?

One of the biggest advantages of MMA flooring is its fast cure time. This type of floor material takes only 2 hours to completely cure, physically and chemically. It’s easy to apply because it can settle in lower temperatures. You can sometimes see it used in high traffic areas that you can’t close for long such as walkways and parking areas.

This would definitely help keep any costs to a minimum as opposed to stopping operations for a few days. Also, it reduces the inconvenience that might affect your customers. By using MMA flooring, you would only need to close off a certain area for a short amount of time. This would even let you work on simultaneous projects or renovations in a single day.


Frequent use of any flooring could lead to wear or eventual damage. Floors that are in high traffic areas will usually be subject to heavy footfalls, stains, spills, and other activities that may cause abrasion. You can imagine that the type of flooring needed for these areas would have to be hardwearing. That is exactly what MMA flooring is.

MMA flooring is chemical resistant, slip-resistant, and wear-resistant. It is a very durable option and it is easy to clean spills and chemicals off of it. Also, this type of flooring can withstand extreme colds, such as in a freezer or refrigerated environment. This is why retail and food and beverage establishments like to use MMA flooring. They would last a long time, even when subject to varying conditions.

A good example is Flowcrete’s Flowfast, an MMA flooring solution that is best used for high-traffic commercial sectors. Flowfast has been used in airports, stadiums, parking lots, and shopping centers with seamless application. With the right professional assistance, Flowfast flooring is sure to last.

Attractive Design

Attractive Design

As with most epoxy resin-based flooring, MMA flooring is also highly customizable. It can have attractive designs or sport a color that matches your building design. Its customizability is especially attractive because, as we know, this flooring is used in high-traffic areas. That means many of your customers are sure to see and walk on it.

Having an attractive design on your flooring, or even a color that fits the room is a good choice. The floor color can affect the way people view the room itself, so this will also help customers’ perceptions about your business.

Flowfast is available in a variety of colorful acrylic coatings that would most likely fit any aesthetic need.

Key Takeaway

Your flooring decisions should be based on your needs and the needs of your industry. The benefits of MMA flooring already speak for the quality of this type of flooring.

If your business needs flooring that is easy and quick to apply, exceptionally durable, and aesthetically pleasing, then look no further. Flooring Solutions has a range of Euclid and Flowcrete products, including Flowfast. You simply need to contact us and we can undertake the planning, surface preparation, and application for you!