Benefits Of Using A Stone Carpet Flooring System

Benefits Of Using A Stone Carpet Flooring System

What are the benefits of using a stone carpet flooring system?

  1. Natural stone finish
  2. Suitable for outdoor use
  3. Hard-wearing

A stone carpet is a type of floor covering that consists of stone aggregates in different colors. This is often bound by a resin-type of flooring material, such as epoxy or polyurethane. It can be applied to existing floors made of concrete. When installed properly, it can provide several benefits to home and business owners. If you’re interested to learn more, keep on reading for the stone carpet flooring system benefits.

Natural Stone Finish

Natural Stone Finish

If you’re searching for decorative flooring, you might have encountered stone carpets before. Stones give you the flexibility to design and transform dull spaces because of the color and material combinations available. From sapphire, quartz, moonstone, and more — there are a wide variety of options that will suit your decor theme.

This is where the Rustik UV from Flowcrete can help you. It’s a stone carpet flooring system made of colorful stones bound in a clear polyurethane resin. The result is a natural stone finish capable of replacing ordinary loose pebbles. Here are the design options available:

  • White Sapphire
  • Smokey Quartz
  • Grey Moonstone
  • Black Sapphire
  • Jasper
  • Burnt Amber

The Rustik UV Stone Carpet is quick to install and is suitable for various surfaces.

Suitable For Outdoor Use

Stone carpets such as Rustik UV can provide natural and timeless beauty when used outdoors. Because of the decorative properties, it’s used in residential buildings, hotels, resorts, retail complexes, and theme parks. You can apply it on walkways, paths, or other outdoor spaces for aesthetic purposes.

But you might be wondering about the long-term effects of weather on the stone carpet. As it’s made of polyurethane resin, it can withstand water and UV rays. This means that it’s perfectly suitable for outdoor use, as it won’t turn yellow over time. Instead, it will retain its natural stone finish for decades.

Hard Wearing

Hard Wearing

Stone carpets such as the Rustik UV are often used in commercial spaces. For this reason, they will be exposed to high foot traffic. Fortunately, the combination of the stone aggregates and polyurethane resin creates a tough and hard-wearing finish. This means that it can withstand regular foot traffic in commercial buildings and can resist abrasion.

To achieve the desired hard-wearing properties, it’s important to allow the floor coating to fully cure. As the resin cures, the molecules interact chemically to create a strong and tough finish. For the Rustik UV, this can take up to 12 days, depending on the temperature of the environment.

Key Takeaway

First impressions are important whether you’re a home or a business owner. To impress your guests and clients, you need to pay attention to the aesthetics of your building — both inside and out.

But for outdoor applications, you need to choose hard-wearing and weather-resistant floors that still provide decorative features. One recommendation is the Rustik UV, a stone carpet flooring system used in many industries.

If you want to experience the benefits of stone carpet flooring for yourself, you can contact us here at Flooring Solutions. We can do the surface preparation and installation for you, so you can reduce trial and error.