We provide a wide selection of flooring solutions in diverse industrial and commercial markets. IIPI has partnered with Flowcrete and Euclid Chemicals to provide flooring

solutions in these various markets. Our other products include Carboline, Tremco, and Vandex.


A UK Based company, the leading manufacturer of high quality epoxy, polyurethane and methyl methacrylate resin flooring and car park coating solutions in Asia. As part of Flowcrete Group, with commercial sales offices across Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa, Flowcrete Asia draws on a wealth of knowledge and experience that comes with over 30 years of experience.


A US based company, is a leading manufacturer of products for the concrete and masonry construction industry in North America. Euclid Chemical provides products and technologies that include: admixtures, fiber, integral color, shotcrete, grouts, repair mortars, bonding agents, adhesives, coatings, curing and sealing compounds, dry shake hardeners, joint fillers, sealants, densifiers, waterproofing, and repair.