Car parks are one of the main points of attention from customers when they visit commercial destinations. It can reflect how a particular establishment takes care of them by giving them the best parking experience. giving them the best parking experience. How can this be accomplished? With Flowcrete Asia’s Deckshield, you don’t have to worry about the correct specification of waterproofing and surfacing materials because Deckshield will offer a number of colorful deck coating solutions which are all geared up to solve all the common car park problems.
Long-term parking solutions have never been the same, see more of the Deckshield here and take a look at Flowcrete’s deck coating systems that are also Singapore Green Label certified!

Decorative Concrete

Euclid chemical has reached a breakthrough with the decorative concrete which is both aesthetically pleasing to replicate the natural patterns and textures found in nature. Never run out of options with the wide array of patterns offered in granite, Never run out of options with the wide array of patterns offered in granite, slate, stone, brick, and wood replicas. This is made possible by Increte Systems’ materials that are responsible for the application looking like the real thing. Stamped concrete, stone-crete, texture-crete, and more, all within your reach and offered at a fraction of a cost.
Want the same for your property? See more of it here and we will work with you to come up with the best decorative concrete application for your property!


Commercial facilities are more than just their functional properties. Nowadays, there should also be a great observance of style statements in these locations. With Flowcrete’s Expressions, you can receive contemporary artistic finishes which are truly unique and equipped with high-performance materials to boot. Expressions, you can receive contemporary artistic finishes which are truly unique and equipped with high-performance materials to boot. The Expressions range evokes cosmopolitan sophistication and artistic expression for the purpose of floor installations which can provide a welcoming feel even in places with high-traffic.
Know more about the Expressions Technical Profile and Application suitability here!


Flowfast is a highly durable floor finish that is offered in a wide range of decorative MMA acrylic floor coatings, fully serviceable under a quick turnaround. In just two hours after application, Flowfast stays true to its name as the speediest flooring solution. Its unrivaled installation is available for the commercial sector, has succeeded in gaining traction at a number of shopping centers, residential developments, airports, stadiums, underground installations, and arena complexes from all around the world.
An installation equipped with chemical, wear and slip resistance, installed in the swiftest way possible? Learn more about the revolutionary Flowfast here!


Flaked floor coating systems are where it’s at when it comes to texture and vibrancy in commercial environments. Provide a six-star visitor experience for visitors in commercial sites with these attractive floors that are robust enough to withstand heavy foot traffic. The decorative flakes are incorporated within the resin floor finish which helps in creating an eye-catching and vibrant interior space. The Flowflake is plain elegance as seen in the multitude of versatile design options that are available. A high-end image for offices, schools, retail and leisure shops, healthcare sectors, and transport environments, is what’s waiting for you if you choose Flowflake.
The Flowflake range and installed floors are all guaranteed to meet the requirements of the sites’ everyday activities, learn more about it here.


An antimicrobial flooring is best suited for food processing environments and other applications, which is what Flowfresh is. The continuous migration of silver ions delivered to the contact surface succeeds in warding off bacteria and viruses. The great thing about it is, this technology can remain active for the whole lifetime of the floor even when it is subject to damage like worn unlike coatings or surface treatment.
Found out why Flowfresh meets the ISO 22196 standard of evaluating antimicrobial activity in treated plastics and other non-porous surfaces by reading more about it here!

Isocrete Floor Screeds

Offering numerous advantages for new properties and even refurbishment projects, Flowcrete is indeed committed to developing sustainable and environmentally friendly products. This is evidenced by the technology behind the Isocrete Floor Screeds range which uses by-products from heavy industrial waste streams and reduces clean water consumption in screed construction. More on the sustainable front, Isocrete Floor Screeds are also great in reducing carbon emissions which proves that it is a versatile application in delivering optimal flooring solutions.
To know more about what type of application is for you, learn more about here.


Mondéco Crystal is a seamless highly decorative, solvent free, epoxy resin terrazzo floor finish incorporating recycled, clear crystal and glass aggregates. Mondéco seamless terrazzo is suitable for airport and railway terminals, shopping centres, hotels, restaurants, and environments where design, aesthetics and durability are of paramount concern.


Stone carpets are well-suited for the vibrancy of outdoor environments. However, Flowcrete Asia’s Rustik offers a great range Rustik can be installed in a variety of patterns using brass or aluminum trims, which will promise superior durability found in its chemical and slip resistance ability. It is great for crucial applications for its speedy installation process, and the Rustik styles will surely not disappoint.
See more of the application examples by reading this brochure!