4 Benefits Of Having Raised Flooring

4 Benefits Of Having Raised Flooring

What are the benefits of having raised flooring?

  1. Hides wiring under the floor
  2. Makes maintenance easier
  3. Improves temperature control
  4. Simple to replace when needed

A raised floor is a secondary floor structure that is designed above a regular floor. It is usually made up of several panels that are supported by sturdy pedestals. It creates an additional space below the floor for storage. There are various benefits of having raised flooring, and it’s widely used in various industries. If you’re interested, keep on reading to learn more!

Hides Wiring Under The Floor

Hides Wiring Under The Floor

Computer rooms, data centers, and other similar rooms will benefit from having a raised flooring design because these places are usually filled with wires and cords. Since the floor creates plenty of space below the panels, wiring can be hidden and kept out of sight. 

As a result, the wiring could be kept more orderly, and the space above the floor will look clean and organized. This makes the area more conducive to working and welcoming guests. 

Other than that, raised floors can help make the most out of a  limited space, which is valuable for rooms with computers, data cabinets, and utility systems. Since cables can be maintained underneath the floors, it can provide more walking space in the room. 

Raised flooring is not just used for computer laboratories, but can also be found in open office areas, conference rooms, exhibit spaces, and the like. 

Makes Maintenance Easier

Raised floors provide easier access to facilities and equipment stored underneath. This makes them easier to maintain, configure, or reconfigure. This helps reduce time spent on making adjustments, and repairs, compared to places without raised floors. Overall, inspection and repair can be done anytime without any issues. 

Improves Temperature Control

Some rooms require better temperature control, especially places such as data centers or computer laboratories. Equipment found in these areas typically creates a lot of heat, which can have negative effects on the equipment and the environment. Hot air rises, so it’s beneficial to cool equipment from below. This is where raised floors are beneficial. 

Raised floors allow the room to be air-conditioned from the floor. This makes cooling more efficient since it can cool the space faster. This results in more efficient long-term energy costs. 

Simple To Replace When Needed

Raised floors are simple to replace when needed, since they’re made up of panels that can be easily changed, fixed, or even upgraded. If a panel breaks,  you can fix it or swap it with a new one easily. Compared to that, regular floors are much more complicated and time-consuming to replace.

Key Takeaway

Raised flooring is commonly found in computer laboratories and similar spaces because it can effectively hide wiring and other equipment from sight. This makes maintenance easier and also improves temperature control. If repairs and upgrades are needed, panels can be replaced easily. 

If you’re interested to learn more about the benefits of having raised flooring, send us a message here at Flooring Solutions! Our raised flooring systems can provide an elevated floor above a regular floor, to create more space for mechanical and electrical equipment. We offer antistatic flooring and antistatic vinyl. As a flooring solution specialist, we also specialize in epoxy, polyurethane, and MMA flooring.