The Basics of PU Flooring

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Polyurethane Flooring Philippines has been used for many years, as a way for homeowners and business owners to keep their floors well-maintained for a long time. These surfaces are one of the most important parts of a house or building, but they can be vulnerable to different kinds of physical damage. Thus, they are usually painted on with coatings to keep these issues at bay.

These are the basics of PU flooring in the Philippines everyone should know about:

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What is Polyurethane?

Polyurethane (PU) is essentially a type of plastic material or polymer that is formed by combining poly with polymeric isocyanate through the use of necessary catalysts or additives. Because you can use different types of poly and polymeric isocyanate, PUs can be made to fit different needs.


Rigid PU foam is sturdy because it is a highly cross-linked, closed cell, and low in density. The rigid PU is popular for being energy efficient, versatile, and soundproof.

It helps people save on electrical energy because it is a great insulator of heat. Builders have the option to add rigid PU on the walls of homes in cold climates to keep the temperature constant indoors. Additionally, this foam protects the homeowners from getting disturbed by outside noise.


This is the only PU type that can be melted and change its form with the application of heat. Because it can melt in the presence of high temperatures, it can be hard or soft depending on the processing equipment applied to it. You can use it on injection blows, and compression molds.

On the other hand, Flexible PU foam focuses on providing comfort and protection to its users. Thus, you will see it being used by many consumers in everyday products such as furniture, bedding, carpet cushioning, and packaging.


This is the only PU type that can be melted and change its form with the application of heat. Because it can melt in the presence of high temperatures, it can be hard or soft depending on the processing equipment applied to it. You can use it for injections blows, and compression molds.

Additionally, it is known for having a number of beneficial properties such as:

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Wear resistance
  • Durability
  • Elasticity

Thermoplastic PU is used to make automotive parts, tubes, sports items, and textile clothing.

Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, and Elastomers (CASE)

CASE PUs, overall, are life-lengthening plastics that are applied to several everyday technologies and products.


Will extend the life of a product by protecting it from different factors. Since it gives added protection, these coatings can also help items maintain their appearance for years.


Will extend the life of a product by making sure its components stick together through the application of a PU sealant. Since the adhesives push things to bond with each other naturally, manufacturing costs can be cut since companies do not need to use any physical clamping and holding parts.


Will extend the life of a product by helping it recover faster from stresses. Usually, the sealant helps an item go back to its original appearance and state even when it is stretched and bent.


Like sealants, PU elastomers are applied to many products because it makes them recover from being stretched and bent by keeping it elastic. The only difference here is that the elastomer is essentially a rubber, while the sealant is more of paint.


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Why is Polyurethane Great for Flooring?

When applied to floors, PU typically acts and looks like a coat. Floors in homes, office spaces, manufacturing plants, and chemical labs need coating because it improves strength and aesthetic appearance. PU flooring in the Philippines are coating paints that come in different colors and flake combinations which can transform the original appearance of floors.

These coatings bond with the floors and strengthen their overall durability by making them more UV-resistant. Even with exposure to hours of sunlight, these floors will never experience cracking or peeling.

Coatings make floors easier to maintain because the layer does not allow dirt and dust to track inside. In addition, these also help them become more resistant to abrasion. Floor Abrasion refers to the tears and wear caused by the movements of foot traffic, operating vehicles, dropping objects, laboratory chemicals, extreme, temperatures, and mechanical equipment.

When it comes to floor coatings, polyurethane is considered one of the best because it acts as a sealant.

PU Flooring in the Philippines is used as a sealant meant for floors made out of concrete and wood. Typically, customers will install concrete floors on their outside patio because these can last through turbulent weather and burning fires, while they keep their hardwood flooring inside their homes since it can get moist easily. On the other hand, concrete floors are preferred by industries like manufacturing because concrete can usually last up to 100 years. It is a solid investment for businesses who want cost-effective solutions.

Concrete and wood floors have pores that can absorb all sorts of materials. Thus, it needs a sealant to act as a protectant by either blocking substances from internally entering the pores or forming a physical layer on top of the overall surface.

Penetrating sealers, as the name suggests, will penetrate the pores of concrete floors and form an invisible barrier inside. Since this type of sealant cannot be seen with the naked eye, it is unable to change the aesthetic appearance of your concrete floors.

When the molecules of the sealant enter the pores, additional surface tension is produced. Since surface tension occurs at all times, any liquid that goes to the concrete floors ends up looking like droplets and these droplets roll off the concrete instead of getting soaked in.

Besides acting as a hydrophobic water shedder, the penetrating sealant also has great UV and heat resistance. Penetrating sealants come in three forms; silanes, siloxanes, and fluoropolymers.


Floor sealants can be categorized into:


Topical sealers form a film that is supposed to sit on top of concrete’s pores. These are able to form a protective barrier since their molecules bond directly with the concrete’s surface. Since these protect only the exterior, the insides of the concrete can still be vulnerable to physical damage by trapping moisture. Moisture can be trapped in floors with some typical sealers because the film this produces may not allow them to breathe.

These topical sealers are preferred by people on a budget because they are more affordable than their penetrating counterparts. Topical sealers can add glossy sheen or darken the original color of the floor’s surface and are easy to apply.

Lastly, topical sealers can specifically protect your concrete floors from water stains, oil stains, and physical damage from abrasions.

Polyurethane is a type of topical sealant that comes out in water and oil formulas. It can protect the wood, and concrete surfaces from foot traffic wear, chemical spills, UV rays, and abrasions. It is usually a two-component system. The first is a soluble resin containing active hydrogen atoms, and the second is an organic polyisocyanate solution.

How To Apply The Different Polyurethane Finishes

How to Apply the Different Polyurethane Finishes?

PU flooring in the Philippines comes out in these finishes; high gloss, semi-gloss, and satin. These are labeled based on the amount of light reflected at a certain angle, and it is measured by percentage.

  • High-gloss is 85%-100%
  • Semi-gloss is 20%-59%
  • Satin is 5%-19%

High Gloss

This has the highest luster out of the three because it contains the most resin. Since this has the most resin, it is the most resistant to abrasion and stain out of the three. You will not have a hard time cleaning dirt or liquids from high-gloss floors. Additionally, high-gloss PU also makes floors a lot smoother. It also has the highest amount of pigment than the three. On the downside, this PU has the most difficulty hiding marks and scars.


Semi-gloss is more abrasion and stain-resistant than satin, but less than high-gloss. It also has some pigment to it. These qualities prove their difference from other types. Ask your flooring installation provider if this is most suitable for your area so you would know if it is perfect for you.


This has the lowest luster and is the medium between matte and shiny. Since it has some traces of matte, it hides abrasion marks the most out of the three. You will not really add any color and end up looking at clear glass on your floors. Lastly, it is the most recommended finish for first-time homeowners.

No matter what PU coating finish you choose, each is applied to concrete and hardwood the same way.

  1. Mop your concrete or hardwood floor with mineral spirits. Mineral spirits are clear liquid solvents that are used as paint thinners. It will not only clean but also make the surface smoother and prepared for PU coating paint.
  2. Wait for the mineral spirits to evaporate.
  3. Stir the polyurethane in the can with a wooden paddle until it becomes clear.
  4. Pour some PU on the floor in a corner. Paint in a straightforward motion and use a lamb’s wool applicator to do so. Keep doing this until the floor is covered in your first layer of PU coating.
  5. Wait for the first layer to air-dry for an hour before painting over the second layer. Keep doing this until you have 4 layers.


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What is Polyurethane flooring used for?

Many industries, besides homeowners, have used PU or Epoxy Flooring Philippines for their own floors because its properties are able to serve many of its needs.

Food and Beverage Processing

The food and beverage process factories are filled with byproducts like fats, blood, sugar solutions, and other contaminants. When these substances go to the floors, they do not only bring in dirty bacteria. They can possibly corrode the foundation and receive long-term damage.

Since these processing plants can come out with unpredictable substances, they need floors that are easy to clean, will not easily break because it bonds well with the concrete substrate, and can deal with extreme temperatures from these substances.

PU flooring in the Philippines fulfills these needs of food and beverages because they protect the concrete from getting filled with these substances because there are no grout lines for these byproducts to stay and accumulate. You don’t have to worry about corrosion. Additionally, since there are no grout lines, you can easily clean these floors.

Lastly, PU floors can handle the extreme temperatures of these byproducts, like hot oil because it has strong resistance to thermal cycling.

Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturing factory prioritizes safety and durability. This is because the things that happen here pose all sorts of dangers which can damage the work area’s overall structure. Electrical shocks, exploding machines, chemical spills, and vehicle equipment accidents, all need floors that are abrasion resistant because it will not break under these dangerous conditions.

With PU sealant, factories are able to achieve their desired floors because this protects the concrete substrate from experiencing chipping due to these dangerous accidents.

Commercial Floorings

Commercial spaces are defined as properties meant for earning money through capital generation or rental income. These include offices, retail stores, malls, restaurants, and apartments. Typically, these commercial spaces want floors that can first withstand high pedestrian traffic on a daily basis.

It should be slip resistant and provide extra traction to prevent residents and visitors from falling. With that, it should be easy to maintain to prevent owners from spending extra. Lastly, it should feel comfortable on the feet and put people on ease.

PU flooring in the Philippines is one of the top choices for owners of these commercial spaces because it will never get compressed no matter how many people work over it. Because of this, you would not have to worry about paying a lot for maintenance costs since its shape will never change. Additionally, it makes people feel comfortable because it feels very smooth and its glossy appearance makes people feel they are in a well-maintained area. Lastly, the PU top coating will not make people slip even when wet.

Why Should You Get PU Flooring from Flooring Solutions?

Our team at Flooring Solutions believes that everyone should have access to maintenance applications that are affordable and environmentally friendly yet effective. If you buy PU flooring in the Philippines from us, we will make sure to answer all of your consumer questions through our after sales support.

Lastly, we want to be a reliable seller to our customers and we accomplish this by having a steady supply of our solution products and by making sure installations are quick. Click here to contact us about your future flooring application!