Industries Served by Flooring Solutions

We provide a wide selection of flooring solutions in diverse industrial and commercial markets.



Manufacturing pharmaceuticals require compliance with the strictest hygiene and safety standards that should also be met with the flooring application for the environment. Pharmaceutical environments have the most critical considerations in the design and construction of the surface elements which is where Flowcrete steps in.Offering a complete package of specialty epoxy, polyurethane, MMA, and vinyl ester, Flowcrete Asia is committed to delivering designs that cater to all areas within the pharmaceutical industry In the process of selecting the best industry alliance for your flooring solution needs? Know more about what we can do for you here!


For electronic environments, you would want a static dissipative and conductive flooring system which will aid the ever-growing investment in the electronics manufacturing industry in Asia. Flowcrete has recognized the demand for a wide range of anti-static flooring which will help dissipate the build-up of electrostatic charge in accordance with the necessary requirements. The vast range of industrial grade solutions is designed to meet the specialized needs that are associated with electronic manufacturing and processing industries.
If you are planning to operate a manufacturing plant or if you already have one, why not make it better with Flowcrete Asia’s well placed Electrostatic Discharge Flooring? Know more about it here!

Car Parks

Creating a car park floor that consistently portrays a clean, functional and appealing surface can be a tricky task. The finish will be exposed to automotive oils, heavy vehicles moving in tight circles, water ingress and exposure to UV on the exposed decks, therefore adequate surface protection must be considered. Flowcrete Asia offers chemical resistant, crack bridging polyurethane traffic coatings that can be used across exposed decks, basement decks, ramps, walkways and loading bays as well as textured/anti-slip profiles that can reduce unpleasant noise from tyre squeal and provide a safer environment for pedestrians, enhancing traction underfoot to reduce the risk of slips or falls.

Food and Beverages Processing

The specialist resin found in Flowcrete Asia’s flooring installations is the best fit for food and beverage manufacturing facilities. The protective floor coating systems meet even the strictest hygiene and safety protocols in line with local regulations and HACCP principles. The performance characteristics can withstand even the most unique service conditions. With Flowcrete, you can receive a complete package of specialty floor coating systems which can cater all the areas within the food and beverage processing industry.
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Commercial Flooring

From stadiums, railways, to airports, you Flowcrete can give you the optimal benefits of having a wide range of flooring with impressive slip resistance, noise reduction, and versatility. More than its aesthetic function of having attractive, smooth, flaked, and stone finishes, you can trust that these applications will remain an appealing surface underfoot. Exposure to detergents and corrosive agents will remain absent when you choose these types of commercial flooring.
Boasting impressive durability, Flowcrete’s commercial flooring should be the standard among all the other flooring materials. What’s also great about it is, you will never run out of options. See more of it here to know more about what we can do for your business!

Industrial Flooring

The demands from industrial plants and process environments should be met with ultimate durability and resistance from suitable flooring solutions. The reliable formulations found in the Flowcrete flooring technical profile are sure to stand the test of time even with stress from heavy forklifts, pallet trucks, and pedestrian traffic. With its impressive resistance levels against aggressive chemicals, cleaning agents, and spillages, Flowcrete’s industrial flooring are perfect for this type of heavy duty environmental environment.
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Chemical Processing

Plants that work with aggressive chemicals and solvents need to be protected against the structural and environmental damage they can cause with specialist flooring systems tailored to withstand the harsh substances on-site. Flowcrete Asia offers vinyl ester resin lining and coating systems are designed to create a seamless and impervious shield against the most corrosive industrial substances.

Manufacturing Areas

The floor in manufacturing and warehousing facilities are often subject to a long list of punishing challenges on a daily basis including physical impacts, point loading from heavy equipment & pallets,forklift truck traffic and corrosive industrial chemicals to name just a few. Despite all this abuse, it is imperative that the floor maintains a level, seamless, impervious, slip resistant, colourful and functional surface. Flowcrete Asia has developed a vast range of high strength resin flooring systems particularly suited to locations that need the ultimate in strength and durability. Seamless and self-smoothing epoxy and PU floor coatings also provide a number of advantages over a tile or floor slab finish, as it eliminates the cracks and crevices that contaminants can dwell within as well as reducethe risk of slips and trips.


Corporate offices are high-flying environments - the hub of commercial operations, a meeting place for clients as well as a home for employees during working hours - so make sure that your office makes the right impression underfoot. Reception areas and lobbies are the doorway to your office and should be styled to make a welcoming and lasting impression on visitors, while areas at the centre of all business activity must deliver a calm and peaceful vibe to ensure employees feel motivated and free from stress.


Architecture, clever use of space, décor and indoor air quality plays a vital role in shaping a stimulating learning environment. The floor is crucial to creating a setting conducive to studying however to do this it needs to be able to maintain an anti-slip, easily cleanable surface despite consistently high levels of foot traffic, potential spillages of food and drink, frequent cleaning and protection against dropped items. The seamless nature of Flowcrete’s resin flooring solutions are ideally suited to the demands of various areas of an educational complex. This includes attractive & cushioned floor finishes for classrooms and corridors, antimicrobial flooring for canteen kitchens, heavy-duty epoxy and high strength polyurethane systems for maintenance areas, as well as colourful sports hall surfaces.


The healthcare sector works around-the-clock in order to stay one step ahead of the numerous harmful viruses and diseases by implementing rigorous cleanliness standards. The floor is a prime area of concern for medical facilities, as contaminants can easily move around underfoot, while gravity means that dirt, grime and bacteria will inevitably end up on the floor. Getting the correct floor finish is therefore essential for sites that maintain the highest standards of cleanliness. Flowcrete Asia has developed an extensive range of flooring systems that are suitable for each area of a healthcare facility, whether it’s within a hospital ward room, surgery, pharmacy, reception area, laboratory or the back of house areas.

Hotel, Leisure & Resort

Resin flooring materials are an exceptionally versatile flooring solution that allows designers to create bold impressions for their clients. They can be applied in bespoke designs, have a virtually unlimited colour palette while having the ability to contain sparkling, decorative aggregates that are incorporated into the finish. Flooring systems chosen for leisure and hotel venues need to maintain an impressive aesthetic despite traffic from large bodies of people, food and drink spillages, frequent cleaning and even potential damage from heels. Flowcrete Asia provides solutions that cater for each area of a leisure facility – from seamless epoxy terrazzo for public facing areas, robust coatings for back of house rooms, stamped concrete for exterior walkways and specialist traffic coatings for the car park.


A fashionable floor can go a long way toward giving a retail outlet the competitive edge, as it can form a lasting impression on the consumer - even encouraging them to purchase. The potential to create vibrant, unique finishes means that store designers can think of the floor as a giant canvas on which to craft eye-catching visuals that will attract customers and create an engaging retail experience. Flowcrete Asia’s seamless resin terrazzo system Mondéco has been utilised by many leading stores, shopping malls, boutiques and supermarkets thanks to the fact that it can be installed in unique patterns. Decorative aggregates can even be incorporated into a Mondéco floor to create a shimmering, luxurious finish. The durability of Flowcrete Asia’s retail flooring solutions means that they will maintain the desired aesthetic despite the constant heavy foot traffic, spillages of food & drinks as well as the abrasions, scuffs, scrapes and scratches inherent to a busy retail environment.


The thought of most car workshops and garages conjures up an image of a dirty, grimy and greasy space, cluttered with mechanical detritus and posing a variety of health and safety hazards.The oils, greases and chemicals inherent to the sector can have an adverse effect on the cleanliness, safety and appearance of the automotive sector, with the floor being at the forefront of this. Automotive chemicals can affect unprotected concrete or any coating that is not able to withstand corrosive substances, as they will eat into the finish and weaken the surface. Flowcrete Asia has developed a wide range of resin coatings ideally suited to the demands of the automotive market due to the non-slip, grease proof, exceptionally robust and chemical resistant nature of these floors.