Dustproof Your Warehouse Flooring with UltraSil Li+

A team inspecting concrete warehouse flooring

What are the benefits of using UltraSil Li+ for your warehouse flooring?

  1. Adds durability to concrete
  2. Easy maintenance
  3. Dustproofs concrete
  4. Doesn’t peel off


When it comes to maintaining the floors of your warehouse, you certainly wouldn’t want to spend money on unnecessary repairs that can be time-consuming. As such, it would be to your advantage to consider ways to dustproof your warehouse flooring. Fortunately for you, you won’t have to look far for an effective concrete sealant for your warehouse flooring. Euclid Chemical’s UltraSil Li+ easily gets the job done for you.

Applying a concrete sealant such as UltraSil Li+ helps you reduce the need for floor maintenance and cleaning. Continue reading to learn more about the different advantages that this concrete dustproofer can give you.


Adds Durability To Concrete

A man pulling cargo in a warehouse

Warehouses depend on smooth-sailing operations. One reason for this is that they deal with the transfer of high-volumes of different kinds of materials in various sizes. For example, forklifts rely on smooth flooring surfaces so they can efficiently carry warehouse pallets from one place to another. Applying UltraSil Li+ on your warehouse floors provides it with a high level of durability, making it possible for forklifts or carts to safely navigate the facility without danger of dropping fragile and breakable items.

The added durability which UltraSil Li+ provides also prevents the formation of surface irregularities on your floor’s surface. This ensures that your floors retain a uniform appearance for a much longer time. The reason for this is that the sealant makes your concrete denser, allowing it to withstand greater pressures.


Easy Maintenance

Stacks of warehouse goods

As a water-based lithium silicate solution, UltraSil Li+ also reduces the level of maintenance you need to do on your warehouse flooring surface.

Upon application, this liquid densifier can easily give your flooring a glossy shine. Having this in mind, you wouldn’t have to engage in physically-consuming activities when it comes to cleaning a surface with this finish. Using relatively low-impact techniques such as sweeping or mopping will easily clean your floor once UltraSil Li+ has been applied.


Dustproofs Concrete

A dusty brick factory

The most distinguishing feature of UltraSil Li+ is that it is one of the best dustproofers for your concrete surface. Simply put, this means that your floors would become more resistant to the build-up and accumulation of large mounds of dust. Warehouse operations rely on a completely clean flooring surface so that daily processes can be carried out with relative ease.

By dustproofing your warehouse’s concrete with UltraSil Li+, you’re both retaining the floor’s aesthetic appeal as well as contributing to how efficiently the warehouse processes are managed inside the facility.


Doesn’t Peel Off

Concrete being poured

UltraSil Li+ chemically reacts and effectively penetrates any type of poured concrete surface. Once the application has completely settled, you can ensure that the sealant won’t peel off from the concrete.

If you find that the warehouse may also sometimes deal with water or different kinds of mild chemicals, you won’t have to worry about spilling them on your treated concrete floors. The UltraSil Li+ creates a resistant concrete barrier to prevent instances of warping, bubbling, and peeling on the surface.


Key Takeaway

There is no better way for you to dustproof your warehouse flooring than by using UltraStil Li+. This sealant greatly enhances the quality of your concrete surface, requiring you to conduct only minimal maintenance on it. The resulting floor is more durable, easy to maintain, and is resistant to water and mild, non-abrasive chemicals.