Flooring Solutions Philippines joins the PHILCONSTRUCT Mindanao 2019

Flooring Solutions Philippines at 10th year anniversary of the PHILCONSTRUCT 2019 in Mindanao


The biggest construction expo in the country gears up for another leg, as the PHILCONSTRUCT Mindanao goes to the SMX Convention Center in Davao from September 6 to 8, 2019 for its 10th year anniversary. The PHILCONSTRUCT 2019 expo looks to be another big event, with thousands of exhibitors showcasing their products, services, and industries.


Along with companies and industries from the Philippines, the event will also have a host of international exhibitors from countries such as Japan, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, India, and the United States. These countries offer their own diverse set of products and services to the country’s top construction companies. PHILCONSTRUCT Mindanao 2019 is also an event that connects businesses and industries together, providing networking opportunities to companies, government agencies, and stakeholders.


This year’s exhibitors come from a wide variety of industries that provide products and services such as polyurethane flooring, construction vehicles, paint, machinery, safety equipment, air conditioning, cement, and logistics. PHILCONSTRUCT Mindanao 2019 is an event that attracts thousands of exhibitors yearly and has also become the best event to promote construction products and services in the country.


Along with products and services being exhibited, PHILCONSTRUCT Mindanao 2019 is also an event where some of the top minds and figures of the construction industry share their thoughts and knowledge to people in the event. These workshops, conferences, and seminars provide some of the latest and most important information about events and developments in the industry. The 10th year anniversary of the PHILCONSTRUCT Mindanao 2019 will feature workshops and seminars like PSPE’s 9th Mindanao Technical Symposium, which will talk about Fire Detection Alarm Systems, Plumbing Permit Requirements, and Sewage Treatment Plants.


Another workshop is the PCA Masterclass, which is a two-day program that aims to develop the management, human, and technical skills of people in the construction industry. This seminar will discuss topics such as stages of construction, risk management, project execution planning, and ethics. This workshop will feature some of the biggest names in the Philippine construction industry, such as Isidro A. Consunji, Levy V. Espiritu, Barry G. Paulino, Manuel B. Bongulto, Emilio J. Tumbocon, Ramon Allado, and more.


Among the many exhibitors joining the PHILCONSTRUCT Mindanao 2019 is Flooring Solutions Philippines, which is one of the country’s top providers of polyurethane flooring and polished concrete. Flooring Solutions Philippines is a company that aims to provide companies and industries with durable and safe workspaces with the best flooring services.


Recognized both locally and internationally by associations, receiving certifications like Green Label Certification, Cleanroom Certified Materials, HACCP International Certification, and Polygiene Antimicrobial Certification. Flooring Solutions Philippines provides a variety of flooring services, such as site inspection, product specification and presentation, design, surface preparation, installation, maintenance, and repair.


Trusted by industry experts and companies nationwide, Flooring Solutions Philippines offers the best services for their clientele, providing quick and efficient installation, along with quality customer service and after-sales support. At 10th year anniversary of the PHILCONSTRUCT Mindanao event, Flooring Solutions Philippines aims to collaborate with some of the biggest local and international construction companies, form new business partnerships and projects, and offer the best flooring services in the country.