Flooring Solutions Philippines: Flowcrete Training 2019

Flooring Solutions Philippines Flowcrete Training

What does the Flowcrete Training Program provide?

  1. Product Training
  2. Flowcrete Application
  3. Euclid Chemical Training
  4. Flowcrete Certification


When it comes to polyurethane flooring, epoxy flooring, and polished concrete in the Philippines, Flowcrete is one of the best flooring options available. Durable, easy to install and maintain, and safe, Flowcrete provides the best flooring for different types of industries and businesses, such as food and beverage, manufacturing, commercial, industrial, electronics, and even parking spaces.

The versatility and convenience that Flowcrete provides make it a quality flooring option, which is why it is important to have a dedicated set of personnel that is trained in the installation and maintenance of various flooring options from the Philippines. When it comes to training programs, Flowcrete provides a training regimen that shows personnel how to properly install and maintain different types of flooring.


Flowcrete Training

Flowcrete Training

Flowcrete training aims to keep staff and personnel updated with the latest in Flowcrete application and technology while providing them with the skills and knowledge on how to perform the installations effectively. This training program lasts for 3 days and is done at a Flowcrete Regional Head Office.


Personnel and staff from Flooring Solutions Philippines regularly travels to Malaysia at the Flowcrete Asia Pacific Head Office for the Flowcrete training program in order to stay up to date with the latest resin flooring technology. Along with new and updated information about Flowcrete application and technology, the training program covers reviewing old materials and application methods, and how they have been renewed and improved to fit the latest in flooring technology.

Flowcrete Training

Training in this program ensures that all personnel tasked with installing Flowcrete will be able to follow all of the necessary procedures to ensure that the process is executed safely and efficiently. Flooring Solutions Philippines is one of the best flooring services in the country, and this program will allow them to continue providing the best quality for their clients.


The first day of the Flowcrete training program is Product Training, which is a lecture that discusses all of the important information about Flowcrete, along with the various products under the Flowcrete line. This helps personnel know more about the features and advantages of these products, which is necessary information that customers look for when asking about why Flowcrete is the best flooring option for their industries.

Flowcrete Training 2

The second and third days of the Flowcrete training program covers the application of Flowcrete and Euclid chemicals. This part of the program shows personnel how to install the latest Flowcrete into floors, along with the necessary preparation and safety procedures that must be done beforehand. This part of the program allows personnel to have hands-on training, showing them all of the important installation techniques and chemical types that ensure a clean and successful installation on the floor.


By the end of the program, trainees will receive certification from Flowcrete that makes them eligible to provide Flowcrete installation. This certification not only verifies that the trainees attended the program, but are also equipped with all of the necessary skills and techniques needed for Flowcrete installation.


Key Takeaway

Flowcrete is one of the most innovative flooring products in the market as they help provide the safest and most durable working surface for various industries. Flooring Solutions Philippines is one of the best when it comes to Flowcrete installation, and this training program allows them to develop and hone their skills to provide their clientele with the best flooring services in the country.