Best Flooring Options for High-traffic Areas

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What are the best flooring options for high-traffic areas?

  1. Flowcrete Expressions
  2. Flowcrete Flowfast
  3. Flowcrete Flowflake


Over the past few years, the number of commercial areas has been on the rise. The number of shopping malls, retail chains, and recreational spaces is increasing on a regular basis. This rise in commercial areas has led to more developers looking for an ideal high-traffic flooring surface that also provides visual impact. They are looking for flooring that creates fresh and well-designed locations.

This has led to the popularity of epoxy flooring products such as Flowcrete. Flowcrete offers superior performance over conventional flooring surfaces. These advantages have made it a very popular choice amongst developers and the construction industry. The installation is very quick and the amount of designs to choose from is diverse. Here are some of the best flooring options that are a great fit for high-traffic areas.


Flowcrete Expressions

Close up of an epoxy floor for car parking

When it comes to offering a diverse selection of designs that provide great visual impact for high-traffic spaces, Flowcrete Expressions is the best flooring option. Having an eye-catching and visually-appealing design is important for high-traffic commercial spaces. Expressions offer contemporary artistic finishes that allow you to create unique designs that evoke sophistication while using high-performance flooring materials.


Flowcrete Flowfast

Close up of terrazzo polished floor

Durability is an important quality for high-traffic surfaces, which is why epoxy flooring is seen as one of the top choices. Along with having superior strength, these floors must also be quick to install, as the flooring surface must be ready to completely establish the interior. This makes Flowcrete Flowfast the best flooring option. It only takes two hours for the surface to be ready for use while providing the same durability and performance.

Flowfast has become a popular option for high-traffic areas like sports stadiums and arenas, shopping centers and groceries, airports, and even subterranean tunnels. Along with being very fast to install, Flowfast also offers qualities like slip-resistance and chemical resistance, making them one of the safest and most sustainable surfaces around. Flooring technology has seen strides in terms of innovation and design. Flowfast demonstrates all of the best traits that epoxy flooring has to offer.


Flowcrete Flowflake

Close up of terrazzo floor with designs

The flaked floor has become one of the most popular design choices. It is being used in places like retail stores, groceries, lobbies, schools, and even medical facilities. This design choice offers great visual impact, creating a lively and vibrant space that greatly improves the overall interior design. If you are looking for a quality flaked floor that has great durability for high-traffic locations, the Flowcrete Flowflake would be able to provide you with these benefits.

Flowflake offers a selection of seamless designs that elevate the look of interior spaces, adding a great amount of visual appeal. With a wide range of flaked design options to choose from, there is no shortage of ways you could improve the look of your high-traffic space.


Key Takeaway

High-traffic areas require surfaces that provide great durability, while also having great visual impact and being very easy to maintain. With these flooring options from Flowcrete, you can ensure you have flooring surfaces that offer great performance, sustainability, and quality design.