Make Meat Processing Areas Hygienic with Flowfresh RT Antimicrobial PU Mortar Floor

A meat grinder in a meat processing area

How can Flowfresh RT make your meat processing floors more hygienic?

  1. Contains an antimicrobial additive
  2. Withstands drastic temperatures
  3. Protects against many chemicals
  4. Light texture finish


For meat processing areas, hygienic practices should always be the priority. Meat inspection, cutting, and packaging are just some of the processes that take place in these spaces. Managers need to implement safety protocols to ensure the quality of the meat products they’re handling on any given day. Moreso, they also need to cultivate a safe working environment for the workers.

In the world we live in, those in the meat sector industry need to consider many other effective options in maintaining hygiene in their areas. The floor is the most abused part in any production area. It is where bacteria and other microbes normally grow. Let’s put an end to it. Use Flowfresh RT to achieve a hygienic floor. Continue reading to learn more.


Contains An Antimicrobial Additive

A butcher cutting up pork

Discarded meat products are a common occurrence in these kinds of processing zones. Without ample protection for floor areas, these trimmings can eventually serve as a breeding ground for the proliferation of different types of microbes and bacteria.

As a sensible facility manager, you’d surely want to prevent this from happening, wouldn’t you? You certainly can with Flowfresh RT. It contains an antimicrobial additive called Polygiene which is capable of inhibiting bacterial and fungal growth. With Polygiene, you’ll not only have a safe processing zone, but you’ll also prevent the emanation of foul odors from your processing zone.


Withstands Drastic Temperatures

Hanging ribs in a freezer

As your workers navigate the space of the meat processing zone, they’ll be safer having an antimicrobial floor in their work area. Flowfresh RT resists extreme temperatures, from the low 45⁰C to a high of 120⁰C.

On the other hand, the antimicrobial properties of this PU screed make for a conducive environment when it comes to the storage of meat products. In particular, it prevents the rapid growth of bacteria like E.coli, salmonella, or Staphylococcus aureus, etc.


Protects Against Many Chemicals

Butchers handling raw beef patties

Flowfresh RT has accredited certifications to ensure its durability and functionality. This means that it has been certified for use in food zones, ensuring that all physical, microbiological, and safety risks have been accounted for. Dispel your worries about spilling certain substances in your meat plant — Flowfresh RT provides your floor with comprehensive protection. It’s a food-grade product.

Once applied on the floors of your processing zone, you can guarantee that your floors will last longer than other flooring materials. This protective PU mortar is resistant to spillages of sugar as well as most organic and inorganic chemicals.


Light Texture Finish

Butchers cutting hanging meat

As a manager of a meat processing facility, your employees’ safety is of the utmost concern. Which is why minimizing any kind of workplace incident — whether it be a major or a minor one — should be your goal. Allow Flowfresh RT’s light textured finish to enhance slip-resistant qualities and help you achieve this safety goal.

The floor is able to create sufficient traction between your workers’ footwear and other objects which they may be lugging around the facility. The texture is not too rough, nor too slippery, but it finely treads the balance between the two.


Key Takeaway

Hygienic meat processing areas are further made possible with the application of Flowfresh RT.

This PU screed has all the answers you’re looking for in a polyurethane application. It’s durable, hygienic, and can provide better safety for your workers and your meat processing zone itself. You’ll not only be able to ensure a high standard for your products, but also for your operations as a whole.