5 Industries That Need Anti-Static Flooring

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What are the industries that need anti-static flooring?

  1. Chemical manufacturers and processors
  2. Electronic goods manufacturers
  3. Healthcare institutions
  4. Data centers
  5. Clean rooms

Selecting the right kind of flooring for your facility can be challenging, especially when considering which material and finish are most appropriate for the materials you handle daily. Flooring that might fit the requirements for healthcare facilities, for example, may not fit those for industrial plants. 

One of the choices you might have come across in your search is anti-static flooring, which is ideal for a wide range of industries. If you’re unsure if you’re part of the industries that need anti-static flooring, keep reading. We get into which kinds of facilities benefit the most from this solution! 

Chemical manufacturers and processors

Chemical manufacturers and processors

Those working with any flammable materials and liquids, such as chemical manufacturers and processors, will need to create static-free work environments as a basic safety precaution. This is crucial to avoid igniting any chemicals, fumes, or particles. 

Electronic goods manufacturers

Static is what creates static discharge, which not only affects flammable materials, but also electronic components. Discharge can damage electronics, causing problems like memory corruption or temporary failure. So, facilities that produce or assemble these kinds of products need to use anti-static floors to eliminate this risk. 

Healthcare institutions

Facilities that use specialized electronic items and metal tools may also need to use anti-static flooring. One example of this is healthcare institutions, such as hospitals and medical device manufacturers. 

In places like operating rooms, anti-static flooring is used to avoid static shock, as medical trays and tools are capable of generating electrostatic charges. This could cause issues such as increased handling problems, contamination, and even injury and damage. By using this kind of flooring finish, these facilities can protect sensitive medical goods. 

Data centers

Data centers

Data facilities are another industry that requires protection from static charge. This is because these operations house various computing and storage devices, which they use to deliver their services, applications, and data to their clients. Components such as routers, switches, storage units, servers, and more will all be protected with the use of anti-static flooring. 

Clean rooms

Clean rooms, which are used to filter out contaminants, microbes, and other particles, are crucial for a variety of industries. These include manufacturing electronics, pharmaceutical products, and medical equipment.

Clean rooms are one of the common applications of anti-static flooring, as it helps prevent any small particles from being attracted to the surface of the products and components being handled, as it reduces the electric charge in the area. This ensures that the facility prevents contamination, damage, and even possible explosions.

Does your business need anti-static flooring?

Many businesses need to consider anti-static flooring as a safety precaution. If your business handles sensitive materials or equipment that can be affected by electric charge, then you should invest in anti-static flooring. 

Not sure if you fall under this category? Then the experts here at Flooring Solution can help you assess your facilities’ risks and requirements. Whether you need anti-static flooring or a different specialized finish, we can help you find the best solution! Contact us here to get started.

Key Takeaway

Though the list above is not an exhaustive one, you can see that there are many industries that need anti-static flooring. They provide an effective way to reduce static shock in sensitive environments, and can even prevent losses, injuries, and damage in your facility.