Industries That Can Use Liquid Densifiers

A construction worker flattening a concrete surface

What are the industries that can use liquid densifiers?

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Warehousing
  3. Automotive


Concrete flooring has become a mainstay across different types of facilities and industries. Whether it be an office, a school campus, shopping mall, parking lot, or a manufacturing plant. Concrete surfaces have been used to a great effect with a good degree of success. This has led to the development of the liquid densifier industry, which has created solutions that help strengthen concrete surfaces even more. This is done by adding a protective layer that gives it resistant properties.


What industries can use liquid densifiers?

Over the years, the use of liquid densifiers has become increasingly important due to the need to create stronger and more sustainable substances. This led to the development of products such as the densifiers of Euclid Chemicals, which provide different forms of protective finishes that fit well with specific industries. Here are some of the industries that have greatly benefited from the use of liquid densifiers on their flooring surfaces:



A manufacturing factory for steel

The manufacturing industry is one of the busiest industries around. Companies deal with a multitude of processes and use a large number of heavy equipment. Along with high impact tools and machinery, the industry also deals with a number of strong and volatile substances that can damage untreated concrete surfaces.

This is where a liquid densifier comes in handy. Adding a protective layer ensures you have a stronger surface fit for manufacturing standards. This not only makes it resistant against heavy impact but also creates a hygienic and safe surface for personnel to work on.



A worker pulling boxes in a warehouse

Warehousing is an important element in multiple industries across the world. This is where much of the world’s supply chain is being stored on a daily basis. This ensures that cargo and parcels have a safe location where they can be stored properly before being moved to their intended destinations. Warehousing deals with a multitude of products that can range from plastic products, metals, food & beverage, or even strong chemicals.

This means the concrete surfaces of these warehouses remain vulnerable to elements that can cause damage. This can compromise the safety and security of a warehouse, causing hazards that can harm personnel and damage equipment. By using liquid densifiers, you will be able to protect your surface from harmful elements and keep all pieces of cargo and equipment safe during storage.



An automotive manufacturing company for construction machines

The automotive industry is another type of manufacturing that has remained one of the busiest in the world. With millions of vehicles produced each year, it is important to manufacture various parts and components on stable and strong surfaces. This is in order to keep equipment functioning well throughout the entire process. This means that these automotive plants make use of concrete flooring in order to handle all of the heavy equipment and keep the entire facility sturdy and safe.

Concrete flooring in the automotive industry tends to break down due to wear and tear based on a number of factors. One of them is the friction that occurs when moving around vehicles and components, which can put a strain on a normal concrete surface. Oils and lubricants are also present in these areas, and a drop of these liquids can enter the porous concrete surface and cause it to weaken. This is why liquid densifiers are the best solution to these problems. You will be able to strengthen the surface and make it resistant against friction as well as strong automotive-related substances.


Key Takeaway

Concrete surfaces are some of the most durable and reliable. This is why industries make use of liquid densifiers to ensure that surfaces remain strong for a longer period of time. By identifying the industries that make use of liquid densifiers, you will be able to see how durable and long-lasting your flooring surface can become.