How Metallic Epoxy Can Improve Your Commercial Space

Metallic Epoxy flooring at an aquarium

How can metallic epoxy improve your commercial space?

  1. Create a safe and durable surface
  2. Versatile designs
  3. Superior longevity


Picking the ideal flooring option for your commercial space is a huge undertaking. You may be looking for a floor that fits your needs in terms of design and performance. When it comes to finding the best flooring solution for your space, metallic epoxy is one of the best options. Commercial space is a place that experiences a significant amount of foot traffic and activity which is why a strong flooring option is needed.


What is metallic epoxy?

Close up of metallic epoxy

Similar to epoxy floors, a metallic epoxy floor has a metal-like finish that gives it a signature shine. This finish is done by using glitter-like pigments that are mixed with the epoxy resin, which are then installed into the floor. Metallic epoxy has become a more popular option as of late, as it is being used in various locations such as office buildings and lobbies.


How can metallic epoxy improve your commercial space?

The reason why metallic epoxy has become a more popular flooring option is mainly due to its strength and shiny finish. This helps it brighten up spaces and make a clean-looking surface. Commercial spaces make use of metallic epoxy as they look for a flooring surface that can provide visual impact and quality performance. Here are some of the other qualities that metallic epoxy provides and how it can enhance your commercial space.


Create a safe and durable surface

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Safety and durability are some of the main qualities when it comes to finding an ideal flooring surface, both of which metallic epoxy provides. Metallic epoxy is highly durable, making it suitable for places with high activity and traffic like commercial spaces, office spaces, and industrial areas. Along with being durable, metallic epoxy flooring is also very safe as it has antimicrobial properties that protect your surface against bacteria and other harmful substances. Metallic epoxy flooring is also slip-resistant, helping prevent different kinds of accidents and mishaps happening within the space.


Versatile designs

Along with being durable and safe, metallic epoxy flooring also offers a wide range of design choices and finishes to choose from. Design is an important element in a commercial space. You should aim to create a space that has visual appeal and impact. Through the use of metallic epoxy flooring, you have the ability to create visually dynamic and versatile spaces. You can create designs that would fit the aesthetic of your space.


Superior longevity

An empty office space with metallic epoxy flooring

Compared to other flooring options, metallic epoxy flooring offers superior longevity. With proper maintenance and care, a metallic epoxy floor can last for around 5-10 years before needing to be replaced. This is due to the strength of the surface helping it withstand various forms of wear and tear. The non-porous nature of metallic epoxy is also an advantage as its resistance to various liquids and substances prevents it from getting damaged easily. When it comes to long-lasting surfaces, metallic epoxy is one of the best flooring options around.


Key Takeaway

Metallic epoxy has become a high-quality option as it provides superior durability, longevity, and versatile designs. These factors make it ideal for commercial spaces. By using metallic epoxy, you have one of the best flooring options that can help enhance the performance and look of your commercial space.