Polished Concrete Maintenance Tips You Should Know

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What are polished concrete maintenance tips you should know about?

  1. Use pH-neutral cleaning solutions
  2. Wash spills immediately
  3. Schedule cleaning and maintenance
  4. Avoid using wax
  5. Clean section by section


When it comes to the best flooring options, polished concrete is one of the best options for buildings, establishments, and facilities. Polished concrete is durable and resistant to various temperatures. It is an ideal flooring option if you are looking for a surface that can last for a long period of time before needing to be replaced. These qualities have made polished concrete a very popular choice amongst businesses, schools, warehouses, and manufacturing centers.


Polished Concrete Maintenance Tips

One of the advantages of using polished concrete for your flooring is that it is easy to maintain compared to other flooring types. However, it is still important to follow maintenance tips and procedures to have the cleanest and most durable surface possible.


Use pH-neutral cleaning solutions

Cleaning solutions with a mop laid out on a bathroom floor

One of the essential floor maintenance tools you need is cleaning solutions. It should help remove dirt, dust, and other substances on the floor. However, take note that there are many cleaning solutions that are acidic, which can weaken and damage polished concrete. These acidic solutions can also scratch the surface and remove the gloss from your floors. For polished concrete, it is important to use only pH-neutral cleaning solutions.


Wash spills immediately

While polished concrete is designed to be non-porous and resistant to different kinds of liquids, it is still imperative to clean any spills off of it immediately. This will prolong your floor’s life and prevent it from decaying. For the best cleaning effect, use a dry mop or microfiber cloth to remove liquids. It is also important to dry any cleaning solution after use to make sure your floor does not get damaged.


Schedule your cleaning and maintenance

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To be able to consistently provide regular maintenance for your polished concrete floors, it is ideal to set up a proper schedule. Having a schedule allows you to clean your floor at proper intervals to ensure that it will remain free from dust, dirt, and other substances.


Avoid using wax on the floor

If you are looking to maintain the smoothness and gloss of a polished concrete floor in your warehouse, you should avoid using wax. Wax builds on the surface, which can remove the shine from your floor. Wax is also difficult to remove, as it is a thick substance that adds another layer to your flooring.


Clean floors section by section

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Along with setting up proper maintenance sections, it is also important to properly clean each section of your floor accordingly. Cleaning each section individually will make sure that every part is free of dirt and other substances. If you are looking to clean your polished concrete floors properly, it is best to follow this method for the best effect.


Key Takeaway

Polished concrete floors are one of the most durable and long-lasting flooring options. With proper maintenance and care, you will be able to prolong its lifespan and provide the best surface for your business or facility.