How to Maintain your Polished Concrete in your Warehouses?

How To Maintain Your Polished Concrete In Your Warehouses

How do you maintain your polished concrete in your warehouses?

  1. Dust mopping
  2. Use a cleaning solution
  3. Clean spills quickly
  4. Keep the surface dry at all times


Polished Concrete is one of the best flooring options to use for different types of industries and facilities, as they provide a durable and safe surface for people to work and move around on. This surface is also one that is easy to maintain and clean, as the surface is non-porous and resistant to different substances.

These qualities make polished concrete one of the best flooring options for warehouses. With a wide array of goods, products, and equipment present, warehouses are places where constant floor maintenance is needed to keep the surrounding area safe. This is why keeping your polished concrete surfaces clean is a must.

How do you clean a warehouse concrete floor?

Cleaning a warehouse that uses polished concrete is different compared to cleaning and maintaining regular concrete surfaces, as their non-porous qualities mean that they do not absorb liquids and other substances. This also means that you would need to use alternative methods to keep your polished concrete surfaces clean and well-maintained.

Dust mopping

Dust Mopping

One of the primary cleaning and maintenance methods for polished concrete is dust mopping. This involves using a dry mop to remove all of the dust and dirt present on the surface. The surface of polished concrete makes it easier to spot dust and dirt, allowing you to clean with little to no hassle.

Use a cleaning solution

The best way to clean up a polished concrete warehouse floor is by using a special cleaning solution that eliminates bacteria and dirt effectively. This solution is Ph-neutral, which makes sure that the surface would not be damaged, and can be applied to a mop for easy application. After applying the solution, you can use a floor polisher to keep the surface smooth and clean.

Clean spills quickly

The non-porous nature of polished concrete means that it will not absorb liquids into the floor and make sure that they remain on top of the surface. This makes removing liquid substances that have spilled on the surface much easier, only requiring you to mop up the surrounding area. However, it is important to clean up spills quickly to prevent your floor from possible damage and eliminate a potential safety hazard that might affect nearby personnel.

Keep surface dry at all times

Keep surface dry at all times

While polished concrete floors are resistant to various liquid substances, keeping them dry at all times is still the main priority. These liquids can cause unwanted accidents and hazards, along with possibly being corrosive and harmful to one’s health. It is important to keep your warehouse floors dry, as the volume of activity present in the area requires the surface to be clean and undamaged to ensure the best working conditions.

Key Takeaway

Polished concrete offers a wide set of advantages that make it among the best flooring surfaces for facilities such as warehouses. By following these warehouse floor maintenance methods, you would be able to have an area that is clean and safe to work on.