Why Restaurants Should Use Polyurethane Flooring

Why Restaurants Should Use Polyurethane Flooring

What are the benefits of using polyurethane floors in restaurants?

  1. It can withstand high temperatures
  2. Sanitary and easy to clean
  3. Durable
  4. Slip-resistant


With over hundreds of thousands of food establishments across the world, the restaurant industry is one of the world’s largest and most profitable industries that generate revenue on a regular basis.

Providing delicious food and beverages to customers, restaurants ensure that their products are of the best quality, along with making sure that their work environment is clean and sanitary at all times. With the kitchen being the busiest part of the restaurant, it is important to ensure that their flooring applied with polyurethane flooring from the Philippines is a clean and safe place to work on.

With the advent of polyurethane flooring, its use in places like schools, hospitals, parking lots, and restaurants have greatly helped these locations in a number of ways. With that in mind, here’s why more restaurants should use polyurethane flooring.


It can withstand high temperatures

It Can Withstand High Temperatures

The restaurant kitchen is a very busy location, as chefs and cooks are constantly in motion when cooking food and moving ingredients around. Along with being a location of high activity, the kitchen is also an area where temperatures can get really high in a quick amount of time. This can lead to a number of work hazards, along with high temperature having the potential to damage the flooring, which makes it an unsafe surface to work on.

Using a polyurethane floor in a restaurant provides you with a surface that is resistant to high temperatures, ensuring that there are fewer fire hazards to deal with. With stoves and ovens producing a high amount of heat on a daily basis, it is best to use a polyurethane floor to provide you with the most heat-resistant surface around and prevent fire hazards from happening.


Sanitary and easy to clean

The smooth surface of a polyurethane floor is perfect for a busy restaurant, as you would need a surface that is easy to clean up after a busy day of work. Restaurants must always be able to pass rigorous safety standards in order to be able to operate regularly, and having a polyurethane floor lessens and prevents certain health hazards that may be present on other types of flooring.

The non-porous nature of a polyurethane floor also prevents it from being a breeding ground for molds and bacteria, which are major sanitary red flags that restaurants want to avoid, as it will ensure the health and safety of customers and personnel.




Along with being resistant to high temperatures, polyurethane floors are also durable, which makes them perfect for places like restaurants, where foot traffic in the kitchen, along with heavy kitchen appliances and equipment, require a strong and sturdy surface to work on. Polyurethane floors are also ideal for the dining area, as moving around chairs and tables can take a toll on the durability of the floor, along with the movement of customers on a daily basis.

Along with being able to withstand a great amount of traffic and weight, these floors are also resistant to harmful chemicals that can damage regular floors, making them easier to maintain and allowing them to last longer than conventional flooring.



Other than its immense durability polyurethane floors are slip-resistant, which is the best fit for restaurants, especially with the high foot traffic experienced on a daily basis. Slip-resistant flooring also prevents accidents from happening, as the increased grip ensures that kitchen staff would not experience any problems when going around the kitchen. Having a slip-resistant floor is also a major safety requirement, and having a polyurethane floor would make sure that you pass these standards.


Key Takeaway

The restaurant industry is one of the most challenging places to work in, and with an environment that needs to be safe and sanitary, having your floor installed with polyurethane flooring would allow you to be able to operate your restaurant at its best. If you have a restaurant or food business, applying polyurethane flooring will only provide the most benefits.