Commercial Flooring for the Transportation Industry

Commercial Flooring for the Transportation Industry

What are some good options for commercial flooring for the transportation industry?


  1. Polyurethane (PU) Flooring
  2. Epoxy Flooring


The transportation industry is understandably very strict when it comes to safety. Whether you’re in an airport, a bus or train station, or even a car park, they would have many precautions in place for almost everything. This is why it is a crucial decision to choose the best commercial flooring for the transportation industry. It needs to somehow be able to balance durability and aesthetics, and not many flooring materials can perform this way.


As you can expect, transportation terminals will always have heavy foot traffic. It calls for very durable flooring material and something that would lessen hazards in the area. In this article, we’ll explore what the best commercial flooring options are for the transportation industry. Read on!


Polyurethane (PU) Flooring


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Transportation stations need floors that can take a beating. There will be plenty of foot traffic and numerous sources of abrasion and wear and tear. Regular floors would easily get damaged under all of that stress, including the weight of the vehicles and tires. Polyurethane flooring can stand all of that and more.


PU flooring is very durable as it is abrasion and wear-resistant, thanks to its ability to withstand large amounts of physical stress while having elastic properties as well. This type of flooring is also waterproof, meaning stains and spills are less likely to cause any problems. PU flooring is known to be a great flooring for the outdoors because of its UV resistance.


An added benefit to PU flooring is its customizability. It can be dyed in any color or design you want. The transportation industry utilizes this fact to create colors to guide people to walkways or warn of any danger. If you’re ever been to an airport or a train station before, the floor was designed to tell you where to go, you may have been stepping on PU flooring.


Epoxy Flooring


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Another resin-based flooring that works great in the transportation industry is epoxy flooring. It has plenty of similarities to PU flooring such as being very durable and customizable at the same time. If you’re choosing a flooring material for places where people will walk, PU flooring could be the solution as it is softer. Epoxy floors are made to be harder, and better for handling heavy things like cars and machines.


Epoxy floors are also incredibly durable and resistant to almost everything. They can handle spills from water, chemicals, oils, cleansers, bleach, and almost anything else. They are also very easy to sanitize as they are naturally resistant to bacteria and germs. In the transportation industry, being able to handle oil and fuels while being slip-resistant and durable is a large asset. Epoxy floors can also be designed, having the same decorative effects on transportation stations as PU flooring.


Key Takeaway

Choosing a good option for commercial flooring for the transportation industry narrows down the options to only a few. The best of these are PU flooring and epoxy flooring, both of which you can acquire with us: Flooring Solutions. We are a team of flooring experts who specialize in both PU and epoxy. If you’re in the transportation industry looking for good flooring, feel free to see the solutions that we offer here. Contact us if you have any more inquiries through this link!