6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Penetrating Sealer in Davao

6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Penetrating Sealer in Davao

What factors should you consider when choosing a penetrating sealer in Davao?

  1. Surface type
  2. Surface porosity
  3. Longevity
  4. Application process
  5. Maintenance needs
  6. Impact on the environment

Penetrating sealer is a reliable material that helps to extend the life of the flooring by ensuring that it will be protected from stains or moisture, and other debris to keep it looking at its best. That’s why it’s important to get this from trusted and experienced suppliers.

In this blog post, our Flooring Solutions team will let you know about the several factors to consider when choosing a penetrating sealer in Davao to help you make a more informed decision.

Surface Type

Surface Type

Determining the type of flooring surface is important since each has unique properties and characteristics, such as texture, porosity, and composition. Therefore, the type of surface you’re sealing can affect how well the sealer penetrates and adheres to it, as well as how well it protects against stains, moisture, and other forms of flooring damage.

For example, concrete surfaces are often sealed with penetrating sealers to increase their durability and prevent stains or excess moisture. In addition to this, penetrating sealers typically don’t require much surface preparation other than ensuring that the surface is free from curing agents, previous sealers, surface laitance, dirt, dust, debris, oil, grease, and other impurities, and is clean.

Surface Porosity

The porosity of a surface refers to its ability to absorb liquids or other substances. Some are more porous than others, which means that they have more small openings or pores that can easily absorb sealers. For instance, natural stones like granite and marble are more porous than concrete surfaces.

So, when choosing a penetrating sealer for your flooring in Davao, it’s critical to consider the porosity of your flooring surface. Don’t forget to check if it’s highly porous, which means it may require a sealer with a lower viscosity so it can penetrate deeper. On the other hand, if you have less porous flooring, it may need a penetrating sealer with a higher viscosity to create a thicker protective layer on the surface.



It’s also important to ensure that the penetrating sealer you’ll be using for your flooring can provide long-lasting protection before it needs to be reapplied. The good thing about penetrating sealers is they can withstand any type of surface as well as foot traffic, and even the harsh environmental conditions that your surface might be exposed to.

Unlike other sealers, penetrating sealers don’t need to be reapplied frequently, which prevents you from additional costs. It ensures that once you apply them to your flooring, it will provide adequate protection, leading to damage and stain-free surface.

Application Process

A penetrating sealer doesn’t require a lot of steps and techniques when applying them to a surface. In fact, it can be applied with a simple paintbrush or roller, unlike other sealers that require special equipment or tools that are quite difficult to use like paint sprayer or foam roller.

This saves you time, effort, and money during the application process, even if you’re sealing a large flooring surface. Moreover, it reduces the chances of making mistakes due to its ease of application process.

Maintenance Needs

Maintenance Needs

In general, a penetrating sealer doesn’t require frequent maintenance, as they are specifically designed to penetrate the surface and provide long-lasting protection, as we’ve previously mentioned in this blog post.

However, it’s still important for you to perform regular cleaning to ensure that the sealer is still effective and to identify if any potential issues could damage your flooring.

Impact on the Environment

Finally, the most important thing to consider when choosing a penetrating sealer in Davao is the effect it may contribute on the environment. Some penetrating sealers contain harmful chemicals, contributing to air pollution which harms our environment.

So, choosing an environmentally friendly penetrating sealer can help reduce its impact on the environment. That’s why you should make sure to only purchase one that is formulated with natural ingredients as it’s safer to use.

Key Takeaway

It’s important to take note of these factors that you should consider when choosing a penetrating sealer in Davao. By taking these factors into account you can select the best one that will provide effective protection for your flooring to avoid any replacement.

Ultimately, choosing the right penetrating sealer can help you prolong the life of your surface, saving you time and money. Looking for a penetrating sealer provider in the Philippines? Look no further than Flooring Solutions. You may contact Flooring Solutions today, and let’s discuss your concerns with our friendly, expert team!