Why Flowshield SL is Ideal for the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Why is Flowshield SL ideal for the Pharmaceutical Industry?

  1. Strong Chemical Resistance
  2. Zone Marking
  3. Superior Durability
  4. Improved Safety and Health


In today’s world, industries have helped spark innovation and progressive development over the past few years. Being the leaders in manufacturing, industries have been at the center of providing high-quality products used for various purposes. With manufacturing and production being a crucial part of their operations, the use of industrial flooring is of utmost importance to provide a safe working surface.


What are the benefits of epoxy flooring in the pharmaceutical industry?

Doors to a pharmaceutical factory

One of the sectors that makes use of industrial flooring is the pharmaceutical industry. Being the leading producer of medicine and health products, this is an industry that requires safe working spaces that can handle a wide variety of materials and substances.

If you are looking for a high-performance flooring solution, choosing epoxy flooring such as Flowshield SL by Flowcrete is the best choice. It can offer you the best quality while boasting features such as antimicrobial resistance and chemical resistance. Flowshield SL offers the best hygienic surface, providing the ideal for cleanliness and safety.

This is why epoxy flooring is the best flooring option for this industry. It can provide you with a wide set of benefits that create the best working surface. With that in mind, here are some of the benefits of epoxy flooring in the pharmaceutical industry:


Strong Chemical Resistance

The pharmaceutical industry handles different kinds of substances and chemicals on a regular basis. It needs a flooring surface that can resist any damage in case spills happen in the work area. By using flooring such as Flowshield SL, you now have a surface that has high chemical resistance. This can prevent issues such as corrosion, which can damage regular types of flooring. Along with strong chemical resistance, Flowshield SL can also withstand significantly high temperatures. It is also resistant to liquids due to its non-porous nature.


Zone Marking

Zone marking of a warehouse

Another benefit of using industrial flooring such as Flowcrete’s Flowshield SL is that you are able to create zone markings that indicate different areas of the manufacturing facility. This will help you identify areas like manufacturing floors, safe areas, hazard zones, and primary working areas. It is important to properly define these locations as personnel must be aware of the different sections present in the facility to keep themselves safe.


Durable In High-traffic Areas

One of the best qualities of Flowshield SL is that it possesses superior durability. This makes it ideal for high-traffic areas such as manufacturing facilities. Regular types of flooring have a certain level of durability and resistance against regular wear and tear. However, they are prone to cracks and other types of damage after experiencing high work and foot traffic. Using Flowshield SL prevents this problem from happening. It helps create a surface that can withstand daily work activity while having the durability that allows them to last for a number of years.


Improved Safety And Health

A scientist in a protective mask, glasses, and hair cap dropping a substance to examine

Safety and health are important in a pharmaceutical facility as some substances and equipment can pose a number of health risks. One of the advantages of using Flowshield SL is that the flooring has antimicrobial properties that resist bacteria and other microbes. This helps prevent the spread of certain types of illnesses. Flowshield SL also has anti-slip properties, which can give personnel a more comfortable time going around the facility without being at risk of accidents.


Key Takeaway

Industrial flooring has become one of the most important types of flooring for different types of manufacturing facilities and companies. By using Flowshield SL, the pharmaceutical industry would be able to have a safe working surface that enables them to operate efficiently and safely.