How to Repair a Damaged Epoxy Floor

How to Repair a Damaged Epoxy Floor

How do you repair a damaged epoxy floor?

  1. Cut squarely the damaged area of your epoxy floor.
  2. Fill in the gaps and add a new layer of epoxy.
  3. Call professionals if needed.

If you have a room with epoxy flooring, then you’re already aware of how good it is in strength and aesthetics. An epoxy floor does not get damaged or stained easily, and always looks beautiful as long as it’s clean. This is why many homeowners choose epoxy flooring for their garages or kitchens, and why many industries are drawn towards it too and look for ways to repair damaged epoxy floors, in such an event.

If they do get damaged, the repair process isn’t the same as other types of flooring, and it depends on the extent of wear and tear. For example, if there is minor discoloration from the installment, you can simply recoat it. Physical damages that are not easily concealed need to be patched properly.

The following are the steps you have to take if your epoxy flooring starts chipping and cracking:

Cut Squarely the Damaged Area of Your Epoxy Floor

Cut Squarely the Damaged Area of Your Epoxy Floor

The damage to your epoxy floor should be cut squarely and sanded. Chipping or cracking causes uneven surfaces which don’t look good aesthetically and, may even lead to injury. Clean the damage and dry thoroughly. Lightly grind and sand it as the most important part of the preparation for better adhesion.

Fill in the Gaps and Add a New Layer of Epoxy

To fill in the gaps, you can always use fresh mortar. Pour the material in the gaps on the floor, making sure that it is completely filled and overflowing. Use a trowel to smooth out the surface and remove any excess mortar. You would need to let it cure overnight, then apply a new layer of the epoxy coating. Then, let it cure.

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Call Professionals if Needed

Call Professionals if Needed

You’ll find this method very useful when you want to fix small damages to your epoxy floor. But extensive damage demands professional assistance. It’s generally easy to make minor repairs and even replace the coating of the floor, but replacing the entire flooring needs the work of a professional team.

Most Epoxy floors last more than a year if properly applied and maintained. If you need any help in doing that, Flooring Solutions offers repairs and maintenance for all kinds of epoxy flooring.

Key Takeaway

The knowledge on how to repair a damaged epoxy floor is a must for anyone using epoxy floors, whether that’s at home or your place of work. Leaving damages to your epoxy floor will substantially lower its lifespan while also adding to the risk of accidents, so it’s important to make repairs as soon as possible.

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