3 Reasons To Hire Experienced Epoxy Contractors

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What are the reasons to hire experienced epoxy contractors?

  1. They Will Know What Type Of Epoxy You Need
  2. They Are Knowledgeable In Epoxy Floor Preparation 
  3. They Will Ensure Timely Completion


There are plenty of reasons to consider epoxy flooring for your warehouse, garage, commercial facility, or industrial facility, including superior durability, low maintenance, cost savings, and a seamless look. You may be tempted to save money by applying epoxy flooring by yourself, or by hiring an unqualified person to apply it for you. However, applying an epoxy floor coat is challenging. It is a type of resin flooring that requires careful mixing and trowelling, and the simplest mistake could undermine your entire project. With that, here are three reasons to hire experienced epoxy contractors.


They Will Know What Type Of Epoxy You Need

There are numerous epoxy products available in the market. Each one provides different functions. A professional epoxy flooring contractor can help figure out which type of flooring solution is right for your application. 

For instance, some flooring requires professional installation to make sure it can resist chemical damages, mechanical abrasion, and even prevents slips and falls in warehouses. Certain flooring may also require specific colors, which epoxy professionals can accommodate. 

Experienced epoxy flooring contractors will make sure you receive top-quality flooring. 


They Are Knowledgeable In Epoxy Floor Preparation 

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Unlike other flooring types, epoxy flooring installation requires careful preparation. For example, you will need to inspect the floors and check whether you will need to remove paints, coating, and sealant before epoxy installation. Cracks will also need to be repaired. If not done properly, the epoxy coating may not be successful. 

For example, epoxy applied on flooring that is not cleaned or not at the correct temperature can form bubbles or blisters. Or worse, the entire epoxy coating could end up failing to bond to the floor. This results in compromised durability and your floor would not be better than before.   

There are various steps for installing epoxy flooring correctly. You need to know the instructions for proper mixing and trowelling, or the epoxy flooring will not cure properly. The surface must dry, clean, and free from dust in order for the epoxy to stick well as well.  

When it comes to epoxy flooring installation, hiring a contractor is something you really need to consider. Epoxy contractors are skilled and qualified to achieve the look you are aiming for. They have extensive experience with mixing the product and trowelling it. Given that the preparation is crucial, you can rest assured that the epoxy installation will be smooth and look great.  


They Will Ensure Timely Completion

If you are a business owner, you know well the costs of downtime. The last thing you would want is to have your epoxy flooring installation drag on for longer than expected. Hiring experienced epoxy contractors can make all the difference when it comes to completing resin floor installation without any delays. They are the professionals who will know how to complete your epoxy flooring project within a specific deadline and budget. 


Key Takeaway

You can end up spending more on trying to DIY an epoxy flooring project. The best way to make sure that your facility’s flooring is done right is by contacting expert epoxy contractors. In this article, we’ve discussed further the different reasons to hire experienced epoxy contractors.

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