How to Prepare for a Flooring Installation

How to Prepare for a Flooring Installation

How do you prepare for a flooring installation?

  1. Clear the entire area.
  2. Keep away pets and children.
  3. Prepare a working area for the workers.
  4. Expect a change in floor height.

Whether you plan to have new flooring installed in your home or at a commercial space like a hotel or a factory, you would still need to do plenty of preparation before you can start. Now that you’ve decided to install new flooring, it’s time for you to learn how to prepare for a flooring installation.

Being prepared for the installation before the workers even arrive would save a lot of time and effort for both parties. This would streamline the working process from the very start, ensuring that the installation will become a success. You can also expect the installation process to take up some time and space, so that area would be unusable for a while.

Here, we’ve prepared a guide on how you can prepare for a floor installation. Keep reading to learn more!

Clear the Entire Area

Clear the Entire Area

Changing the floor means that nothing has to be in the way. Since the floor covers the entire area of a room, you have to clear everything in the room including furniture, appliances, carpets, and others. You also have to ensure that any electric or gas appliances have been unplugged and removed (if possible) prior to the flooring installation. Any hanging decorations, such as paintings, pictures, or curtains, should also be removed from the room to protect them from dust. If there is professionally-built large furniture, you would have to get them taken down properly before the installation.

Then, you can clean the area once again for a more sanitary workspace for your flooring installers. After clearing the entire area, try checking if the room is at the right temperature for the new flooring being installed.

Keep Away Pets and Children

Most of the time, children and pets are the most unpredictable factors when they’re around. If you’re going through a home installation, isolate the area. All the workers would be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) that protects them from harmful dust or chemicals created in the process.

It would be incredibly dangerous for a pet or a child who would wander inside the installation area. That’s why children and pets should be kept in a safe and secure zone, free from potential hazards.

Prepare a Working Area for the Workers

Prepare a Working Area for the Workers

Set aside a room for the workers to do additional tasks in. During the process, the installers would need an extra room where they can prepare and stock materials, etc. It would be best if this room is nearest to the work area.

You should also expect that the flooring installation process produces a lot of waste. Make sure that you have enough space in your bins or have a dedicated space for all the waste materials that the installation will need to be disposed of.

Expect the Change in Floor Height

Depending on the type of flooring you’ll have installed, like for raised vinyl flooring, there will be changes in finished floor height. Take this into account before the process starts so that you can adjust if the doors can freely swing open and closed. If you don’t, the adjustment would cost a lot more and be more complicated than if you had prepared for it in the first place.

Key Takeaway

By knowing how to prepare for a flooring installation, you ensure that all installation activities will go as planned and minimize any complications and difficulties. It will directly contribute to the quality of your new flooring because the smoother the process goes, the better the flooring will be.

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