Types of PU Flooring Finishes and their Applications

Types of PU Flooring Finishes and their Applications

What are some of the types of PU flooring finishes?

  1. Satin finish
  2. Semi-gloss finish
  3. Gloss/high finish
  4. Water-based finish
  5. Aliphatic finish
  6. Polyaspartic finish


This blog provides a deep insight into the diverse spectrum of Polyurethane (PU) flooring finishes. With options spanning from Satin and Semi-Gloss to High-Gloss and including eco-friendly Water-based, robust Aliphatic, and fast-curing Polyaspartic finishes, PU provides the versatility to meet varied aesthetic tastes and functional needs. It underlines the importance of understanding each finish’s unique qualities for making an informed choice, addressing factors like maintenance, durability, color preservation, chemical resistance, and UV resistance. It reiterates that the right PU flooring finish can significantly transform your space, blending sophistication, functionality, and longevity.

When you’re seeking a functional and aesthetic answer to your flooring needs, PU (polyurethane) finishes stand out among other solutions. Polyurethane flooring has carved an authoritative niche owing to its broad-spectrum utility across residential, commercial, and industrial spheres.

With its distinctive blend of durability and splendid appearance, PU flooring is known to add an element of sophistication to any premises. However, one size does not fit all; understanding the different types of PU flooring finishes can enable you to make an informed choice for your space.

Satin Polyurethane

Among the various PU flooring finishes, satin polyurethane stands out as a crowd favorite, striking a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. Featuring a medium to low sheen, this finish efficiently conceals dirt, scratches, and minor imperfections.

Opting for a satin finish is an excellent decision if you prioritize easy cleaning, low maintenance, and a natural, understated appearance. Its muted shine allows the floor’s inherent beauty to shine through without the distractions of extreme gloss. Rest assured, despite the lower sheen, satin polyurethane does not compromise the boldness and elegance of your flooring. It serves as a sophisticated choice for any home or space.

Semi-Gloss Polyurethane

Known for its oil-based composition, this finish commands attention with its clear reflections and striking shine. However, preserving the high-shine effect of this finish requires a heightened commitment to maintenance and cleaning.

Those with pets or young children should perhaps consider other options, as semi-gloss finishes are more susceptible to visible scuff marks, scratches, and imperfections. For those willing to put in extra care, semi-gloss polyurethane is a powerful statement of class and opulence.

Gloss/High Gloss Polyurethane

Gloss/High Gloss Polyurethane

Reserved for the most adventurous of design enthusiasts, the high gloss polyurethane finish carries the highest sheen level. This finish becomes the canvas for more exotic and enigmatic hardwood species.

Keep in mind this type of finish is not the recommended choice for households with heavy foot traffic, pets, or young children. Its susceptibility to showing damage and the need for constant maintenance overshadow its artistic appeal in such contexts.

Water-based Finish

These finishes are an environmentally-friendly, low VOC option that doesn’t compromise on beauty or durability. They produce close to zero odor during application due to the low level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

This type of finish retains the original color of the floor, making it ideal for those looking to preserve the natural appearance of their flooring. While they are durable, water-based PU floors might need reapplication more frequently than oil-based counterparts due to their lower solid content.

Aliphatic PU Flooring Finish

This type of PU finish is a staple in industrial environments, thanks to its fantastic chemical resistance and robust nature. Aliphatic finishes retain color and gloss over a longer time, even with exposure to sunlight or harsh chemicals.

Polyaspartic Finish

Polyaspartic Finish

Among the array of PU flooring finishes the polyaspartic finish has gained increasing popularity due to its rapid-curing nature. This option not only boasts UV resistance and exceptional durability but can also be applied and cured within a single day. Its quick turnaround time makes it a top choice for commercial spaces that cannot afford significant operational downtime.

When it comes to PU flooring finishes, there is a diverse palette available, catering to various aesthetic tastes and functional requirements. Selecting the ideal PU flooring finish type depends on factors such as your budget, the level of foot traffic, exposure to chemical agents, and most importantly, the visual appeal you desire for your space. By carefully considering these aspects, you can make an informed decision to achieve the perfect flooring finish for your specific needs.

Key Takeaway

PU flooring finishes are not just a protective covering, but an investment with long-term benefits. They protect the substrate, enhance the lifespan of the flooring, maintain their aesthetic charm, and ensure a safer, non-slip surface. With an array of PU finishes available in the market, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect blend of form and function for your spaces. Always be sure to consult with a certified flooring professional to ensure the best results according to your specific needs.

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